LLOD Topo Trucker Hat

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One of the coolest hat patterns I've seen. This hat is a tan / earth / FDE color with a light tan rear mesh portion. The topographic lines have some texture and will reflect light a little bit, to give it a unique look when viewed at different angles in the light. The topographic lines are overlayed on top of a subtle dot matrix type camouflage pattern.

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Limited run. If demand/interest seems high, this item may get restocked once the first run is sold. Second run may feature other logo colors, etc.

Embroidered right here in Denver, CO.

This 'trucker hat' and has a structured front Topographic print with a slight texture, and the rear portion is a mesh material with an adjustable one-size-fits-all snap closure. The Topographic lines catch the light, so it looks especially cool as you move it around in the light at different angles. The background of the topographic lines is kind of a camouflage dot matrix. 

LLOD Logo is embroidered with a black background/shield, and mountain and letters in a thread color that closely matches the rest of the color scheme.

Thanks for your patience, as I'm handling this all myself. Orders should ship within about a week of purchase, and you'll receive tracking info in your email when they do!