Overland Built Land Cruiser FZJ80 - 80 Series

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I'll put more here later, but for now, check out the walkaround for info - https://youtu.be/XMs3F9ot8yg



Hey guys, I thought it'd be easiest to put all my coupons and links in one place (some are affiliate links which means I'll make a small % commission through purchases made with these links). Some companies I have coupon codes with, others you get discounts applied automatically through using the link, some are just links you can use to help support what I do. They're alphabetical and I'll keep them all updated.


Black Friday 2018!

I'll be doing a black Friday sale here, 18% off *everything (belts excluded). Just enter "BF2018" as coupon code at checkout!

Other sales below:


Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Holster by LLOD (charging capable)

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LLOD has made that very holster (check it out). The Last Line of Defense Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie holsters all feature a built in charging channel that will allow you to charge your PL-Mini without even needing to take it out. This is HUGE - because we all know you should be carrying with a loaded gun, and if you have to take your gun out of the holster to charge it - you then also need to strip that round, and you're left with a non-chambered gun!