LLOD PVC Patches

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A smaller (1" height) patch with black background and gray text and mountain.

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These are high quality PVC (rubber type) patches that are 3" in height (or 1" for the small). The back is hook velcro - so you can slap them on plate carriers, backpacks, headliners - anything that has the loop (soft-side) velcro part, or something similar. A great way to show others that you're a part of the Last Line of Defense, or just one more to add to your collection. "Overlanders" love lining the ceilings of their rigs with these types of patches as well. Supply is limited - restock in any given color isn't guaranteed, so if you really want a specific color, go ahead and jump on it now.

Thanks for your patience, as I'm handling this all myself. Orders should ship within a week of purchase, and you'll receive tracking info in your email when they do!