Miscellaneous Holster Parts

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High quality 1.5" Raven Concealment Systems clip (overhook). These are made in the USA, very high quality clips that have 3 holes, can be mounted with any combination of two of them, and are cant adjustable, as well as tuckable. The 1.5" are recommended for 1.5" and smaller belts. **This is a single clip**

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NOTE: All items ship together. If you order a holster and anything else, it will all ship when the holster ships. If you want other swag items delivered sooner, please place a separate order for them.

**All of these are for a single (one) piece**

It's always a good idea to apply some medium strength threadlocker (sold in the dropdown above) to all screws once you've found the retention that you like. Since screws can back out over time, kydex will wear and flex over time, etc - you may need to adjust the retention over time, and this will help keep the screws from backing out.

Lost a part? Want to order some extras just in case? Here you'll find most of the user-serviceable parts used on our holsters, so that you can pick up whatever you need. If you're not sure what to get, feel free to contact us, and we'll get you squared away.