LLOD MultiCam Flexfit Hat

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LLOD embroidered logo has a black background with foliage green lettering for a very subdued look. Show support for LLOD with this sick hat - while not being a walking billboard. Walking billboard hats may come in the future, but for now we're blending in. S/M is for head sizes ranging from 6 3/4" - 7 1/4". More info below.

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Embroidered right here in Denver, CO.

Official licensed MULTICAMĀ® pattern. Every hat will be unique, as it will just be a section of the very large, random MultiCam camouflage pattern. This is an official Flexfit hat, so they'll fit like any other original Flexfit hat that you may own, or have tried on in a store. MultiCam Pattern is the proven multi-environment concealment solution. Semi-curved bill, and semi-rigid front portion.

S/M is for head sizes ranging from 6 3/4" - 7 1/4" 
L/XL is for head sizes ranging from 7 1/8" - 7 5/8"

Thanks for your patience, as I'm handling this all myself. Orders should ship within a week of purchase, and you'll receive tracking info in your email when they do!