The Associate V2 Appendix Carry Holster

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Appendix carry holster (AIWB) Glock 19 length (no weaponlight), open-ended to allow use with threaded barrels, comps, and the full length slides. Fits all double stack 9mm / .40 / .357 Glocks (except for Gen5 23/22, because Glock decided to change the dimensions). Fits Gen 3-5 19, 19x, Glock 45, and 26/27/33. Mini RDS (RMR) and suppressor height sight compatible.

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A 1.5" clip is recommended for 1.5" belts or smaller, while a 1.75" clip is needed for larger 1.75" belts.
This is just a die cut decal that you can put on anything you want - water bottles, bumpers, laptops, etc.
Mid height sweatguard is standard - let us know if you'd like something else here. Please *DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS HERE*, contact us before ordering if you have any.
As a custom, handmade product, any changes, or cancellations will incur a fee, and returns are not accepted. Chances are, we've already started work, and the materials / man hours could become 'throwaway' if you decide to change or cancel. Please be sure of everything before placing an order, and contact us if you have ANY questions before ordering. We do not accept returns on custom made holsters.
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Built in the USA

All holsters are handmade right here in America (specifically the Rocky Mountains of Colorado), with great pride and care.

Full holster video with a lot of information here - https://youtu.be/h3PoszeDDcA

*Holster parts (extra clips, screws, spacers, etc) are available here - https://llod.us/miscellaneous-holster-parts - Also, think about picking up some loctite there as well, to prevent screws from becoming loose and being lost!*

The original "LLOD Holster" (Appendix carry Holster - AIWB) is now dubbed "The Associate" because all of the other cool names were taken. It was between this and "The Buddy System", which I kind of might like better - but The Associate is pretty cool too, so we're going for it.

This is a purpose-built AIWB (Appendix Inside the WaistBand) holster, designed and developed out of my personal frustration of other manufacturers’ holsters. I designed this to be the most comfortable AIWB holster out there - built for people who carry their gun every day, but don’t want to feel like they’re carrying a shovel in their pants. It’s a single piece holster, so the magazine caddie isn’t removable - which allows it to be as light/minimal as possible and ensuring you always have an extra mag right there. The semi-rigid kydex, one piece design has minimal flex - so your extra magazine isn't flopping around like a wet noodle. It also means the holster isn't 3 feet wide, taking up space along the entire front-side of your body.

The V2 represents a new era of customization for LLOD. Featuring my custom CAD designed and CNC'd (all in house) molds, that allow me to add the exact features and specifications that I want in a perfect holster. V2 holsters all feature integrated minimal concealment claws towards the trigger guard that help pull the grip of the gun into the body for better concealment, all while maintaining the minimal profile and comfort that my holsters are known for. The mold is then used on a membrane-less vacuum forming setup to achieve maxiumum precision and definition in a kydex shell. That shell is then hand cut, sanded, buffed, hand-sanded, washed, assembled, packaged, and mailed right out to you. These are the lowest profile appendix carry holster (with gun plus mag) that I know of - which aids in their comfort and concealment.

The Associate AIWB holster features adjustable gun and magazine retention. It is offered with a single, high quality, tuckable clip, which allows it to shift with your body more as you bend and move. The single clip is one of the reasons that this kydex holster is so comfortable, leading to a more enjoyable carrying experience. It makes putting the holster on and taking it off a breeze, all while maintaining enough security to run, jump, train, fight (and yeah, even backflip - we have video) in.

The whole appendix carry holster has an extremely ergonomic curve/bend so that it goes with the natural contour of your body and helps it both be more concealable and comfortable than other similar models you may see out there. The curve not only helps with comfort by following the natural curve of your belly, it also uses the bend to help push the grip of the gun to tuck into your body for maximum concealment. The curve and minimalism also means the holster doesn’t require you to go up 2-4” in pant size like other holsters needing big, bulky claws/hooks/wings to help it be more concealable. All models feature flares at the top edge of the holster to aid in reholstering your gun (much like a flared magwell) and channels for all of the controls for smoother drawing and holstering.

What're you waiting for - pick up the holster that will allow you to be your best first and Last Line of Defense.