Due to variances in display/screen colors, calibrations, and technologies - the colors below may look different than they do in real life. Use this list as a general guide though, to at least give you an idea of what you can expect from the color options. For camouflage kydex: The actual pattern in a camouflage is somewhat random, and the colors/patterns that will be on your particular holster will likely be somewhat different than the sample holsters pictured here. The 'inside' or 'back' color of a camouflage will typically be a solid color that is in the general palette of the camouflage. I do not control the 'inside' color of the camo prints.
LLOD G19 TLR7 Associate V2 Holster in black
FDE (tan)
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Holster in FDE
OD (Olive Drab Green)
LLOD G19 Holster in OD
Dark Gray
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Holster in Dark Gray
MultiCam Original
LLOD G19 Holster in Multicam Original
MultiCam Black
LLOD P10C Holster in Multicam Black
Topo Gray
Gray Topographic
Topo Dark Tan
Topo Dark Tan
Blood Red
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Backside Blood Red
Coyote Brown
LLOD G19 Holster in Coyote Brown
Foliage Green
LLOD G19 Holster in Foliage Green
Hot Pink
Neon Yellow
LLOD Holster Backside Neon Yellow
LLOD G19 TLR7 Backside Orange
Police Blue
LLOD G43 Holster in Police Blue
LLOD G19 Holster Backside Purple
Tiffany Blue
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Holster in Tiffany Blue
Zombie Green
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Backside Zombie Green
Carbon Fiber Black
LLOD P10 PL-Mini Holster in Black Carbon Fiber with Blood Red back
Carbon Fiber Police Blue
LLOD G19 PL-Mini Holster in Dutch Woodland
Hexcam Wasteland7
Kryptek Typhon
LLOD Shield TLR6 Holster in Kryptek Typhon