Current lead time is about 3-5 weeks on custom orders. This means that about 3-5 weeks after you place your order, your order will ship. This is just an estimate, but it should be pretty accurate - usually orders ship a little sooner, and on unfortunate occassions, just a little later.

It depends on the order type - but most orders will ship USPS, and tracking info upon shipment, as well as delivery confirmation, will be emailed to you. Smaller items may ship in a smaller envelope first class mail or something similar.

Demand directly drives which models/setups that we make holsters for. If it's a popular gun, we'll probably make a holster for it soon, if we haven't already. Just because the gun is awesome, doesn't mean we'll make a holster for it, unfortunately. There needs to be sufficient sales of a gun to bring it to market. New models means new molds, more overhead, more prototyping, altered processes, less efficiency, etc, etc.

Yes! Our holsters are warrantied against any manufacturing defects or against any other issues you might encounter. If a holster becomes damaged in any way, please stop using it immediately and contact us. A holster is not warrantied against intentional misuse, abuse, etc. This includes shooting it, running over it with your car, leaving it in a hot car being melted by the sun (the interior of a car on a very hot day can and will permanently deform holsters), or losing it in a boating accident.

There are no returns right now on custom made holsters. On normally stocked items we can accept returns with a 15% re-stocking fee. We're a really small company, so absorbing these kinds of things is difficult for us. As we grow and figure things out, hopefully we can start offering free returns and other incentives. Honestly we haven't really experienced any returns though, so maybe it'll happen infrequently enough that we can switch over to a no-fee return policy! (We're new to this whole running a commerce business thing...)

Often times we'll get you out one for free. Otherwise, feel free to stock up on extra hardware in the accessories section of the site. Don't forget, thread locker is your friend!

You probably are already familiar with our YouTube channel. If it's an item that you think would be a good fit, and not something we've reviewed already - definitely send us a message and let us know what it is, provide a link, and maybe brief explanation of why you'd like to see it reviewed!

Unfortunately I (Mike) get dozens of questions a day. I try to get to them all, and when they're easy to answer, it's no problem. The issue comes when something would require me to write a detailed thesis to properly answer the question - I just don't really have time to give you life advice on what career you should pursue... Sorry! I do care about you though.

Again, unfortunately, only so much time in the day for these requests, so I can't review everything. Definitely reach out to me, tell me about your product, and maybe why you think it'd be a good fit for my audience. I'm 100% always open to finding out about new products (even if they are little things) - because I'm always looking to improve upon my gear, processes, etc!

No, not really. Weaponlight holsters are designed to be used with the weaponlight attached. They are made different with channels to allow the light to pass into and out of the holster. Subsequently, the retention of the setup is typically based on the weaponlight itself - removing that light would remove the object of which the retention is based, leaving the gun to kind of flop around inside of the holster.

We use nice, thick, .08" kydex for our IWB rigs.

Our holsters come standard with a mid-height sweatguard. We find this is the perfect balance of protecting your weapon from your belly sweat, while also not interfering with achieving a solid firing grip upon draw of the gun. Other heights can be accommodated upon request.

We sure do! If you qualify (active duty or retired), send me an email at mike@llod.us with some information about your branch / department (a scan photo of any documentation showing your service), and I'll let you know how to take advantage of the discount. Thanks for your service!

It depends. If you ordered a custom holster, then unfortunately you typically cannot cancel it. Since each holster is custom made to order - once we receive payment, the creation of that holster (both materials and man-hours) can begin the same day. Reach out to us and we'll see what we can do - if you want to cancel very quickly, it can sometimes be handled at no extra cost. Other items can potentially be canceled if they have not yet been packaged/shipped.

Sure do! Check it out here - https://youtu.be/h3PoszeDDcA