The Last Line of Defense (LLOD) started when I was beginning to post random gun-related content online (on Instagram). I'd post videos of my training sessions, put some music on it, and upload it for the world to see (before it was cool, seriously though). I started gaining a following, and more and more people were asking me questions, advice, for tips and feedback. Being that Instagram had limited functionality, I decided to create a YouTube channel giving advice to new concealed carriers - and it's evolved into much more since then.

I've become a gear-reviewer, product-tester, advice-giver, and all around rambler. Making videos is only part of the equation though... I'd like to be able to outfit your entire EDC with better, more well-thought-out solutions to your everyday needs. Stay tuned for more clever products.

I've been making kydex holsters for myself for years - it came out of frustration for the horrible designs out there, that just didn't really seem to work well - I know you feel me on that. I spent countless hours refining my designs until I created a perfect (for me) blend of comfort and concealability. People took notice of my personal holsters and started asking if they could buy their own LLOD holster, and that's when I decided to start the manufacturing side of Last Line of Defense. Since then I've equipped thousands of gun guys with a better, more comfortable way to carry their concealed-carry gun, every single day. I've been told by hundreds of satisfied customers that the LLOD holster is the best, and most comfortable holster they've ever owned.

If you're looking for a comfortable and effective way to carry, I'd love to help!

Literally hundreds of people have emailed me with sentiments mirroring the select few below.